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Orthotics are orthopedic devices that are used to alter or modify foot function
Types of Orthotics
In general, foot care specialists group orthotics into the following categories
Orthotics - Everything you need to know
The term orthotic can refer to almost any device which is worn inside a shoe
Casual Wear

Semi-rigid, all use orthotic structured for maneuvering stability and central suitable for constant use for active patients an

General Use:

Custom made for narrow pumps and flats. The plastic shell of the orthotic is cut away from the 5th met base to the 2nd interspace, allowing better fit for shoes with a narrower shank.

Standard Structure:

Shell: Natural Subortholene 3.0 mm under 130 lbs/4.0 mm over 130 lbs.

RF Posts: Intrinsic

Bottom Cover: Suede to Sulcus

Vinyl: Burgundy to Sulcus (or indicate met or full length on order form)

Stock #: 130

SALE: $79.99

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