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Orthotics are orthopedic devices that are used to alter or modify foot function
Types of Orthotics
In general, foot care specialists group orthotics into the following categories
Orthotics - Everything you need to know
The term orthotic can refer to almost any device which is worn inside a shoe
Ultimate Sports Flex

Semi-rigid, all use orthotic structured for maneuvering stability and central suitable for constant use for active patients an

General Use:

Semi-rigid, reinforced orthotic designed with an extra shock absorber for support. Suited for patients required maximum control in a sport orthotic. Can be work in regular walking shoes and athletic shoes.

Standard Structure:

Shell: Silver Polyethylene - 5/32" under 150 lbs / 3/16" over 150 lbs

RF Posts: Extrinsic High Density EVA

Arch Filler: Blue Low Density EVA

Bottom Cover: Suede to Mets

Vinyl: Gray Vinyl to Mets (or indicate sulcus or full length on order form)

Stock #: 111

SALE: $79.99

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