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Orthotics are orthopedic devices that are used to alter or modify foot function
Types of Orthotics
In general, foot care specialists group orthotics into the following categories
Orthotics - Everything you need to know
The term orthotic can refer to almost any device which is worn inside a shoe
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Credit Card (Online)
We accept credit cards online as part of our accepted list of payment methods. Accepted Cards - Triangle 'R' Inc. accepts the following credit cards on our website. All American Express, Visa, Master Card cards are currently accepted. Debit Cards are accepted if they are of the Visa / Master Card variety. Customers who choose to use debit card, please be aware many debit cards carry daily spending limits, so please allow for shipping when selecting your purchases. Fraud protection � Triangle 'R' Inc. seeks to protect the customer and ourselves in the event of Fraud. For this reason, when a new customer makes a purchase for the first time, if it exceeds a specified amount, we will contact the user to verify the sale. For this reason, requests that you provide contact numbers incase we need to verify your order by phone. Cell phone, Home phone, and work phone numbers are all considered acceptable. Pagers or answering services will not be processed. will aggressively pursue attempts to defraud by credit card. Those seeking to defraud should be aware that fraud committed by telephone (or internet) is considered Telephony and Wire fraud, which means it carries a felony charge. Also theft in excess of one thousand dollars is considered felony theft, and the FBI loves to pursue such cases.

Wire Transfer
We accept wire transfers from any US and non US locations in US currency. After placing your order and selecting wire transfer, we will contact you via email or phone. Cell phone, Home phone and work phone numbers are Acceptable. Pagers and answering services will not be processed. When contacted we will give you details on how to complete the Wire Transfer to our account. It is important to place the order online before calling to setup a wire transfer, as must make sure the shipping costs are accurate before you begin the transfer. We will put order on hold until we receive customer payment.

Personal or Business check
We accept Personal or Business checks from any US location. After placing your order and selecting Personal or Business check just write this check to, attach printed invoice and send it to the: The Orthotics 102-12 Jamaica Avenue Richmond Hills, NY 11418 USA. Please note: We will put order on hold until this check will be cleared.

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