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Orthotics are orthopedic devices that are used to alter or modify foot function
Types of Orthotics
In general, foot care specialists group orthotics into the following categories
Orthotics - Everything you need to know
The term orthotic can refer to almost any device which is worn inside a shoe
Shipping Return Payment
The following is the Return Merchandise Agreement - Credit for Purchases policy. All statements made herein are with the understanding that our customers made their purchases in good faith and with full understanding of our Policies. is not liable for our customers failing to read the policies of the company, as they are available online at as well as by request when contacting Customer Service.
Returns for Full Credit: Limitations - The following limitations are placed upon items returned for full credit. Triangle 'R' Inc. reserves the right at any time to amend, add to, or detract from these limitations as benefits the company's interests in matters pursuant to recovery of funds for our customers.
1. Shipping is non-refundable. Our shipping charges reflect rates charged to us by our shipping vendors, and upon successful delivery are nonrefundable.
2. When an item is shipped for warranty work, the customer assumes the cost(s) of shipping the item(s) back to Triangle 'R' Inc. Triangle 'R' Inc. assumes the cost(s) involved in shipping the item back to the customer after it has been replaced or repaired. This cost is assessed at the rate for UPS ground. A shipping method different from UPS ground will require additional fees that must be paid for and approved by the customer before Triangle 'R' Inc. will ship the product at a rate more expensive than UPS ground.
3. Special order items may assess at a higher restocking fee or be non-returnable depending on the nature of the item.
4. Items returned damaged, missing materials such as but not limited to manuals, cables, packaging, Etc. will not be issued full credit, and may be denied credit on return depending on the state of the item. It is very important that the customer include all materials sent with the item, in good repair and without visible markings or damage to insure full credit on their return.
5. Restocking fees shall not exceed 15% unless the item is for partial return, or damaged item.
6. Triangle 'R' Inc. does not believe that flat restocking fees are the best practice in all cases. Triangle 'R' Inc. remains committed to providing our customers with quality service in all areas, and will establish a positive and proactive attitude when assisting a customer with an item return. When deemed necessary, Triangle 'R' Inc. reserves the right to assess a fee on items returned for Credit.
7. We will refund a full core price(relative to the particular order) when we receive it back from our customers.
8. No returns on electrical parts. Exchange only. All returns must be within 14 days from the receiving date.
Returns for Partial Credit: General Information´┐Ż It is generally understood in the relationship between Triangle 'R' Inc. and its customers that returns will be only for items at full credit unless a restocking fee or other fees are assessed.
Return address: All return merchandise should be addressed to:
Triangle 'R' Inc. 102-12 Jamaica Avenue Richmond Hills, NY 11418 USA
and must be accompanied by appropriate invoice and RMA FORM.

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